Bronkoh: A subtly Softened sans

Meet Bronkoh: The first independent release from Hand Foundry. From the beginning the aim with Bronkoh was simple; To produce a highly functional sans with just the right amount of personality. The end result is a design that balances utility with subtle character. 

Finely tuned curves, softened terminals and a humanist structure aim to give Bronkoh a friendly face and welcoming spirit; Bridging the gap between utilitarian designs that feel cold, and the overly flavoured faces that cant be taken seriously. 

A wealth of opentype features and forms add to its versatility; Small caps, Ligatures, alternates, figure styles and much more mean Bronkoh is suitable for a wide range of typographic challenges. Eight weights from thin to heavy, and matching italics are backed up by the large character set and extensive latin language support.

Many thanks to Kyle Wayne Benson and Eduilson Wessler Coan for their technical help and design advice.

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