The Birth of Hand Foundry

Letterforms have been a big part of my life for quite some time now and Hand Foundry is the culmination of endless hours writing them, sketching them, drawing them and thinking about them, (oh and plenty of mouse clicking). Letterforms have intrigued me since I was very young and have influenced me since I first picked up a calligraphy pen, and before this, a spray can, and before this, a pencil. Through Hand Foundry I aim to continue this growth into the field of type design and beyond.

Whats behind the name; Hand Foundry stems from my ambition to create work suited to an increasingly digital age, while still maintaining an appreciation for hands on craft. Adding Personality, character and warmth to all forms of design.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped make this possible; Teachers, lecturers, colleagues and all those who guided my hand along the way.