Rogan: A Robust Modular Sans

Rogans clean lines started out as an exercise in modularity and geometric forms. This initial construction approach was then adapted to improve the functionality of the family; Breaking away from the strictly modular system in exchange for more refinement and clarity. The resulting forms display a refined contemporary feeling alongside a hi- tech industrial element.

The spectrum of eight weights has been specifically tailored to have styles for every occasion; The hairline Thin and hefty ExtraBold grab attention, and pack a punch at large sizes, while the choice of mid range weights are tailored to finding the right voice for smaller body text. This combined with a palette of complimenting Italics makes Rogan a robust family, suitable for a wide range of uses, both on screen and in print.

Each font contains extensive latin and cyrillic language support, alongside a range of OpenType features such as tabular figures, alternates, localised forms, ligatures and case specific punctuation/symbols.

Many thanks to Kostas Bartsokas and Daniel Mcqueen for help and guidance with Rogan's cyrillic.

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Introducing Adinah: A lively brush script with a strong sense of rhythm. Adinah’s expressive letterforms are based on pointed brush calligraphy with a hint of sign painting. This Sign painting influence reveals itself the further you dig into the family styles. Eight combined styles are complimented by a sub family of Six Layered Font options. All can be mixed and overlaid to produce elegant typographic compositions and decorative display type.

Perfect for attractive advertising, branding, Packaging and instant logotypes. Adinah’s aesthetic is a balance between refined brush styles and more casual spontaneous writing. The family has been carefully crafted to be a flexible tool-kit with a range of typographic voices and uses.

 Contextual Alternates automatically adjust as you type.

Contextual Alternates automatically adjust as you type.

For a change of tone Adinah comes in solid and rough variations; Solid produces smooth and precise lettering while Rough can give the impression of distressed writing or ink bleeding into the paper. The base script can be adorned with inline strokes and shade highlights inspired by traditional sign painting techniques and casual lettering.  Experiment by mixing styles and Textures for unique and interesting results.

All separate styles and layers are built around a robust brush script packed with alternates and OpenType features. A full range of alternate capitals are available through stylistic sets, along with alternate ampersands, descending ‘z’s and non connecting r’s, o’s, p’s and b’s. In the click of a button the structure and flow of the script can be adapted to your specific typographic needs. 

 Layering styles is simple and effective

Layering styles is simple and effective

Not One to leave it at that, Adinah is also crammed with hundreds of lowercase letter variants and expressive end pieces that make the letterforms flow naturally, connect and create pleasing word shapes; And don’t worry, All this is done Automatically through OpenType and ‘Contextual Alternates’ (On by default in most design applications).

Many thanks to Georg Seifert and Rainer Erich not only for producing the software and code used to create these fonts but also programming help without which these fonts would not function as intended.

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Bronkoh: A subtly Softened sans

Meet Bronkoh: The first independent release from Hand Foundry. From the beginning the aim with Bronkoh was simple; To produce a highly functional sans with just the right amount of personality. The end result is a design that balances utility with subtle character. 

Finely tuned curves, softened terminals and a humanist structure aim to give Bronkoh a friendly face and welcoming spirit; Bridging the gap between utilitarian designs that feel cold, and the overly flavoured faces that cant be taken seriously. 

A wealth of opentype features and forms add to its versatility; Small caps, Ligatures, alternates, figure styles and much more mean Bronkoh is suitable for a wide range of typographic challenges. Eight weights from thin to heavy, and matching italics are backed up by the large character set and extensive latin language support.

Many thanks to Kyle Wayne Benson and Eduilson Wessler Coan for their technical help and design advice.

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